Parents and educators have the same goal: to provide your child the most engaging and successful educational experience possible.

At Putnam City Virtual, we believe that regular and convenient communication opens the door to student success. We'll start our relationship with a welcome phone call where parents, students and teachers chat to set expectations for everyone. Subsequent monthly calls are an expectation of your virtual education experience, keeping us all in sync about student progress and success.

Connection Learning teachers are available for students.

Parent account

As a Putnam City Virtual parent, you will be able to monitor your child's progress through your Parent/Guardian Account.

After your student creates an account to sign up for classes, you will create your own account that you will use to monitor course requests and progress in each course. From approving course requests to monitoring progress, the Parent/Guardian Account allows you to have a hands-on approach with your child's virtual academics.

With your Parent/Guardian Account you will have:

  • 24-7 online access to submitted and/or graded assignments and your child's grade book
  • Monthly phone calls from teachers
  • Monthly progress reports via e-mail
  • Regular e-mail updates from teachers
  • Extensive access to teachers (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily)